Bronze Whaler

LOCATION:     Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand

MISSION:         Does this Shark Pose a Threat?

An increase in sightings of the Bronze Whaler Shark around the coast of New Zealand appears to mean an increase in shark numbers.  This trend is cause for concern for water users.  

But numbers of divers and water users are also increasing. This increased opportunity for interactions may well be why numbers appear to be on the rise.  One thing is sure, close encounters with sharks are becoming more common and Riley is keen to explore this phenomenon.

To find out more he’s headed to a shallow bay where kayakers are regularly interacting with the animals.  Then he’s going to talk to a bunch of spearfishermen whose interactions with sharks often means they loose the fish they have just caught.  Riley will look at what is happening to determine whether these sharks do in fact pose a threat to water users.