Riley Elliott


Shark Man presenter Riley Elliott is a PhD candidate at the University of Auckland.  At 28 years he is young and passionate about the future of marine life in our oceans.  

Riley has a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in Zoology and a Masters with distinction in Marine Science.  His interest in sharks started during time spent working for and then helping run the Oceans Research Great White Shark Station in South Africa.  Here he learnt to freedive with sharks alongside experts Mark Addison and Ryan Johnson.   

On his return to New Zealand, Riley began his PhD studying one of the most pelagic shark species – the Blue Shark. With the use of high tech satellite transmitters Riley hopes to learn more about the life of this animal and investigate the effects of global pressure from fishing.  


Mike Bhana


During his 23 years in the television industry Mike has produced, directed and shot over 45 hours of natural history documentaries.  This includes 15 hours of prime-time documentaries for US channels such as Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic and 28 films specifically on sharks.  Mike has extensive experience directing the television presenters, talent and actors involved.

While his history reflects a love of the ocean, Mike has also travelled the world with The Red Cross.  He has documented the work of its teams in some of the most dangerous and stricken areas of the planet.

In 2009 Mike was one of the creators of the largest shark exhibition in the world – Planet Shark - and then curator until early 2012. This huge educational installation is designed to promote awareness, conservation and understanding of sharks and our oceans. 



Wild Film

For over two decades Wild Film has been making socially responsible television including a succession of high-end documentaries and television series’ destined for international markets.
Wild Film is a specialist production company that focuses on natural history, environmental, and educational based programming.
While its history reflects a focus on ocean environments, Wild also dedicates about 20% of its time to charity, humanitarian, and domestic social issues.

Wild has also travelled the world with the Red Cross documenting the work of its teams in some of the most dangerous and stricken areas of the planet.
From concept to pitch document, supply of expertise, equipment and personnel for field shooting, through to finished film delivery, Wild Film Ltd has delivered 100% of client’s wish lists all on budget and all on time.
Wild’s crews can deliver material for broadcasters in any environment and on any format. It excels on projects that offer extreme challenges.